Johannes Herseni

About Me

There were many things I wanted to be when I was younger: a jazz trombonist, an art historian, a philosopher, a movie director, a writer. Design never appeared on that list. I had been messing around with Photoshop and Illustrator for a couple of years, but I never saw design as a potential career for myself – probably because I was convinced that you needed to be an exceptional draftsman to even apply for design university, and I couldn’t draw a shaded sphere if my life depended on it. But when my girlfriend started studying graphic design at FH Potsdam in 2009 and told me there was a thing called interface design, my curiosity was piqued. I started building a portfolio (without any drawings), applied and, to my own amazement, was accepted the following year.

In Potsdam, I quickly realized that design was an even better fit for me than I expected. My previous studies, my interest in modern and postmodern art, architecture and theory proved to be a useful toolkit for developing my own critical perspective on design, its (often problematic, in my opinion) current status and its potential. Since 2009, I worked on a vast range of projects including graphic and editorial design, physical interaction, screen and web design, information architecture, UX, service design, speculative design and design research.

Recently, I have focused more on design theory and design studies, and I have learned that a generalist approach towards design suits my way of thinking far better than trying to become an expert in one area. Therefore, I immensely enjoy working in interdisciplinary contexts, such as the research laboratory Image Knowledge Gestaltung at Humboldt University, where I have worked as a student assistant from 2013 to 2016, advised many researchers in design- and IT-related matters and taught numerous workshops on design software, layout and typography. In 2016, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree and started work as a research associate at the Urban Complexity Lab at FH Potsdam.


Abitur in Stuttgart

2006 – 2007
University Tübingen
Art History & Philosophy

2007 – 2010
HfG Karlsruhe
Art Research & Media Philosophy

2010 – 2016
FH Potsdam
Interface Design (BA)

2016 –
FH Potsdam
Design (MA)

Work Experience

2009 – 2010
Bigfish Filmproduktion

2012 –
Freelance design

2013 – 2016
Image Knowledge Gestaltung
Student assistent (Design & IT)

2016 –
Urban Complexity Lab
Research associate


Graphic Design
Editorial Design
Interaction Design
Web & Application Design
Video Editing


German (Native)
Italian (Learning)